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The world of selling is rapidly changing - so much so you need to be constantly aware of what methods and tactics are working! 

Join DK Kim each week as he interviews leading experts in sales and helps you discover fresh perspectives, new strategies and tactics to better navigate the next generation of sales!

The New School of Selling Podcast

- With DK Kim

What if you could be in the same room with the top business leaders and sales experts, ask them about their successes and failures, their secret methods and proven habits; then take an insight or two to inspire your own growth? That’s what we do each week on the New School of Selling Podcast, hosted by DK Kim - trainer, consultant, speaker and founder of the New School of Selling. 

Each episode draws from my experience as a sales executive, sales leader, social marketer to sales consultant and trainer for some of the today’s most influential tech companies and real estate movers and shakers in the country. We understand the way people buy is rapidly changing and that means we need to change too. The goal is to help B2B sales professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants discover fresh perspectives, new strategies and tactics to help you navigate the next generation of sales.

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Each episode comes with shownotes and action items that you can find on the New School of Selling blog:

Episode 002 - Old School vs New School of Selling - What’s Changed?

Apr 09, 2021

Episode 001 - Welcome to New School of Selling

Apr 09, 2021

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