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Selling Isn’t About Winning or Losing, It’s About Innovating and Serving.

Hi there, I’m DK!

I'm a sales trainer and consultant based in NYC with a vision to equip and connect like minded leaders, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to do incredible things. My sales journey first began when I skipped college and at 20 years old I learned sales the old school way - door to door sales - selling small business services like phone lines, shipping services and 5-gallon water coolers. I trekked the hilly streets of San Francisco in the summer and knife cutting winds and snow of Chicago in the winter. I would hit 40-50 small business doors, sell 3-5 accounts on average per day and come back to the office to ring that good ole sales bell! Ding Ding! What a sound!

I went on to become a loan officer and sold over $20M in sales volume before joining my best friend to start my SaaS sales career at a real estate start-up company called BoomTown. I cultivated a deep knowledge of on-targeted SEM, lead generation and lead conversion modules and CRM follow-up strategies in the real estate industry; I sold over $8M in SaaS and brought on over 600 mega agents and teams in the country. I then transitioned into becoming the head of marketing events at BoomTown and established hundreds of key relationships with top franchises and independent brokerages across the country to maintain and grow the BoomTown brand. In 2017, I left all of that to build my digital marketing agency. One thing I realized early on when I switched my own career from Sales Ambassador to a self-employed contractor, selling high-ticket marketing services is that I had a distinct advantage over my competition and the reason was simple - I was better at selling. 

I was first inspired to create New School of Selling when I realized how quickly change was and is happening, yet again, within our economy.

I've seen more and more people making career-pivots to evolve and succeed in this new economy. Many are becoming sales professionals and even seeking to launch their own personal brand or service in order to gain financial freedom, live out their desires and create work life balance.                                      
As a consultant, I have found that a staggering number of these new business leaders set off on their own to forge a new career so quickly that they haven't yet recognized that having a great idea, product or service will not automatically produce sales. Many instead find themselves stuck with their great idea, not thriving, but floundering.

Being GOOD at selling in this continuously crowding marketplace is going to be the biggest advantage for anyone looking to survive and succeed in an entrepreneur role.

I'm here to help you increase that advantage in your marketplace

It's become obvious that today’s buyers have gained enormous power and information and more choices than ever before thanks to the internet! Buyers no longer respond to the current or old school selling behaviors and tactics that make them feel suspicious, manipulated and pressured to buy! And yet (what pisses me off) most of the selling advice and training currently available is still product-focused, transaction based, and sells lower end things. It’s not created for people who need to sell higher end services, based on high trust and a highly credible profile in the marketplace. And so, I created New School of Selling, a sales training and method for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and consultants that get buyers excited and committed to buy.

I want to help passionate sales and business leaders develop successful careers while leading meaningful and fulfilled lives. I want to help you sell effectively and ethically by practicing leadership behaviors that enable buyers to trust you, follow you, and inevitably, by their connection to you, buy from you. Through my collected wealth of knowledge about how to be a successful seller, even in today's economy, I can confidently tell you from experience that people don't buy goods and services, they buy relationships, stories and magic. So the question is, are you selling what people want to buy?

 My Business Mentors 

Reed Moore

Founder of RMG Real Estate & CEO of YList 

As one of the Nations Top Real Estate Industry Leaders, Reed has created one of the nations Premier Real Estate Team in the PNW, selling over 550 homes in 2020 that closed over $170M in sales. Reed is known across the country for building a dynamic and healthy business culture, and maximizing Human Resources through training and coaching.

Reed has worked with DK over the last 10 years and many of his leadership and sales principles have been adopted and implemented in his business today through his coaching and mentorship.

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Mike Kim

Personal Brand Strategist, Author & Host of Brand You Podcast

Mike is a business coach and marketing strategist who specializes in personal branding, product launch strategies, and copywriting. He’s helped New York Times best-selling authors, world-renowned speakers, and hundreds of small business owners in more than 14 different industries achieve real, measurable results using my unique approaches to marketing and brand strategy.

Mike has been one of the most influential people to help DK launch his sales and leadership coaching business and continues to work together today to make sure his clients are getting the value and impact they deserve.

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